Sunday, 13 May 2012

How to Style like Elena Gilbert.

Hello I am new to blogspot my name is Tammie. And I am going to be doing a how to style like certain celebrities and characters from Tv shows, films etc and depending I might also say something on makeup. And first for you guys I am going to be doing Elena Gilbert, she is from vampire Diaries and is played by Nina Dobrev.  Now Elena's style is quite simple, she goes for henley tops with a vest underneath for modesty, to suit Nina they give her warm, rich colours which also suits her character. She also wears leather bomber jackets but she does also wear normal leather jackets, also they make sure she normally wears flared blue jeans (probably so she can run away from the dangers she always gets into) she normally pairs this with black converse, a tote bag if at school. For formal wear, in the episode were we see Elena dance with Damon in that gorgeous blue dress, it is very nice and suits Nina's body shape and the colour matches her skin tone, in season 3 we see Elena wearing another dress this once is at the Mikaelson's ball, again very nice but as we are going for styles that we can copy that one I feel is too formal and probably too expensive.
Now this is too show some of Elena's style and to really better explain what I have been trying to describe, we can also see Elena wears vests which in the episode were Elena and Stefan wash cars she accompanies with shorts. We can also see that she usually wears blues and purples which go well with her skin tone and hair colou,r she does wear pinks but personally I think the darker colours are best.
Now for us at home copying her style, depending on your tastes and skin tone and hair colour the colours of the outfit might vary. But some good shops to buy your clothes from (now I am sorry but I am assuming your from England), Next are good for buying henley tops and the jeans I find this because I am quite tall and not the slimmest so their jeans are good size and length wise and New Look are good I feel for leather jackets Next is good too but you might get jackets in New Look cheaper for the vests its pretty much wherever you like to buy your vests it doesn't really matter but I feel Marks & Spencers are good for tight fitting vests which would be good for underneath your henley top, if  however like me you have no job and not a lot of money at the end of the month I find primark are good for getting most of these items. With the shoes you could go onto this site called Cloggs they are good for converse but if on a budget an imitation pair are always a good idea. For Elena's formal dress I am not sure were to buy as I dont generally buy long dresses but maxi dresses are a good imitation for Elena's dress.

Elena's Makeup and hair: Now Elena goes for a natural make up look with no harsh colours. And I'd suggest going for chocolate liner, kohl and mascara. For eye shadows Elena opts for a brown with a sheen to it which you only apply of the lid of the eye, for her lips its a balm with a shine nothing over the top and a bit of concealer to hid bleamishs and dark circles. For Elena's hair its quite simply straight hair with a centre parting nothing to dramatic if of course your going for her in formal wear be as dramatic as you like. 
Next time I will be doing Katherine Pierce I hoped this helped and if there are things you feel I need to improve on say and another thing I don't own these pictures I just found them and put them together in paint. Tammie x :)